Airflow Display

Pressure Transducer Interface 3D Model

Pressure Transducer Interface 3D Model

This is a four-channel airflow monitoring system with modular air pressure sensors. This project was submitted for my Bachelor’s degree.

The back side is completely covered by a 4 line, 20 column character LCD display, but these are typically manufactured with narrower 16 column displays.

This was a fairly large project with two board designs, two microcontroller programs, and a PC program for installation specific configuration.

Over a thousand of these have been manufactured since 2012 and it continues to sell well.

The main board can be populated with 0-5V voltage output, 4-20mA current loop output, or both. About five times more voltage versions are produced than current versions.

Pressure Transducer Interface - Voltage Sample

Pressure Transducer Interface – Voltage Version Sample

Flexible ribbon cables connect to up to four differential pressure sensor modules.