Contract Designs

My contract electronic design project portfolio is extensive. I designed on average more than ten boards per year. Here are some examples.


I designed a few revisions of the Detector Power Supply during 2020.

Houle Electric

I have designed several products for Houle Electric over the last several years. Usually these are one-shot batches for specific building construction or upgrade projects. Most recently was ADC300.

Homecraft Sauna Controller

I recently updated this board and made some improvements to the firmware. Homecraft goes way back to when I worked at Pfeiffer Technologies.

Webb Electronics (division of Cobra Electric)

I designed several boards for Webb while the company was run by Peter Rampf, so they would be from 2013 or earlier. The 3D models are not as refined. As an example, LA-PS is shown below.

DSI Industries

I designed an LED driver for a safety light for scissor lifts. Unfortunately, development was interfered and foisted an inferior and far more expensive board ripped off from my design, including my firmware. This frustration brought an end to my relationship with Dena Technologies.

Symax Stairlift

It always felt a little ironic that a company based in China contracted with a Canadian engineer to design their stairlift control system. This was one of the most complex jobs I’ve done. It consisted of three circuit boards: the motor driver, the display module, and the remote control. All three had their own microcontrollers and firmware which I wrote.

I’ve also designed camera lighting for EA’s Capture Lab, a 36″ diameter LED panel for Isaac+Rae Lighting, a filter for BluEarth Renewables, and many more.

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