Open for Business

Tachyx Innovations was registered as a business in Chilliwack, BC, Canada so that I may offer my electronics design and support services as an independent contractor to a variety of clients.

Since February 2021 I had been working exclusively for Intellijel Designs which was formerly just one of my clients at Dena Technologies since 2012. That meant that all of the other clients lost access to my services. I felt bad about that but it wasn’t in my control. Now things will be in my control.

Due to the aortic dissection I survived in July 2021, I have some apparently permanent physical limitations. It has proven to be unrealistic for me to regularly commute from Chilliwack where I live to Burnaby or Richmond or wherever else technology businesses may be found.

The real estate market in Greater Vancouver has been among the worst in the world for a long time. Even if I could afford to move closer to the city, I don’t have the physical ability to move. I like my home and I still feel like I just moved here, not settled in. Since so many things have happened I just don’t want to think about pulling up my roots again just to move to a more cramped yet more expensive space.

I have been working from home most of the time since moving to Chilliwack at the start of 2020 months before the COVID-19 lockdown, so there isn’t really a problem with me doing what I do from home and going into the city as necessary.

I have been able to work full-time as long as my hours are flexible so that my disability insurance could be closed, but I am at my physical limit and my health has not been improving. Working as an independent contractor would allow me more control over the amount of work that I do and when I do it, but most importantly reduce my stress level which my health condition does not tolerate.